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Mold in homes has been an issue for centuries and only has come to the light of the health issues in the last ten years. If you are one of the many who has that nasty musty smell that will go away for a short period of time and return regardless of what you do or how many chemicals you use.  This could be a warning signs that you may have a problem of mold or mildew. The importance of locating and identifying the cause of mold in your home cannot be over emphasized.  It is your turn to become the most aggressive detective or top cop to find the who, what, when and where of mold. Visit for additional articles and videos regarding your indoor air quality.

As you start your investigation it really comes down to one simple fact which is the water source that is causing your moisture and humidity to be increased. Your nose and eyes are your best defense in solving your investigation. By following your nose to that musty, pungent foul smell will lead you closer to finding the water issues.

 Mold is a living and breathing organism which has no capabilities of camouflaging itself, so your eyes will be your best defense. Look for any spots or discolorationin areas like your basement, bathroom, window sills, attics or crawl spaces. Toxic mold is not always visible to the naked eyes and can gown in drywall, ceilings or in stairwells which in many cases require special thermal imaging equipment to make a diagnosis.

For the most accurate toxic mold testing this should be done by a certified licensed and insured mold inspector or industrial hygienist. They will help determine the most important part of your investigation which is the reason for the increased moisture. Failure to correct your moisture problem will result in continued mold growth. They will collect various samples which will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. This testing can range anywhere from $400 to $2000 depending on the size the amount of visible mold and the samples collected.


When testing for toxic mold you want the best results possible. The test results will determine what is necessary to restore your property to a safe place to live or work. These results when collected by a certified inspector will be accepted as legal documentation should you need this for you insurance company or landlord.

When you have the diagnosis of toxic mold growing in your property you should make this a top priority to have it removed by a certified remediation company . Toxic mold will continue to grow and spread its toxic spores until the mold is removed and the mold spores are killed. Today with the advent of new equipment and techniques you have many treatment options. They key factor that you do something to correct your moisture problem and have the appropriate treatment performed based on the findings of your mold tests and physical examination of your property.

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