What do Black Spots Mean in My House?

Are you one of the many owners who wanted to know about the black slimy spots appearing on your shower grout lines, curtains and walls in the bathroom as well as the fuzzy patches occurring in your basement and attic? Typically, molds in your home are unsightly and cause you thousands of dollars in medical expenses and structure repairs. These living organisms could also pose a lot of health problems to your family. Molds are airborne so there is no question that they might enter our body through inhalation. Basically, molds or sometimes called mildew can be found in different color, shapes and sizes.

Your family could possibly experience some health problems right after the mold exposure; even being exposed to small amount of mold spores. Hiring the professional mold tester to evaluate your property is very important especially if most individuals living in your house are sensitive or with history of asthma, children, individuals with auto immune conditions or pregnant women. The severity of mold exposure depends on many factors such as the type of mold the spore count, length of exposure and the health states of those exposed. Mold testing is the cornerstone to help diagnose what is impacting your indoor  air quality.

The spores become a problem when they come in contact with a moist damp environment. As the mold grows and spreads they releases toxic spores which can lead to serious health complications for all who are exposed. Toxic mold can be especially dangerous to the elderly, small children and individuals with auto immune conditions. See for a complete list of articles and videos relating to your indoor air quality.

You may see respiratory problems, skin rashes, eye irritations, memory loss, and sinus infections all associated with black toxic mold. Each person reacts to toxic mold in different ways. Should you have questions about the air you are breathing it is wise to have your property evaluated and tested for toxic mold by a certified professional.


When you know why and what is causing the problem you will be better able to understand and take steps to correct and develop a prevention action plan for the future.A word of caution to you is that mold is a problem and will not go away without identifying the cause and removing the mold. Removing black mold completely is the only way to rid your homes of the spores and dust. The longer you wait the more expensive it can cost to remediate your property and medical bills not to mention your quality of life.

If mold remediation is needed you should consult with several different companies and as a good practice asking  for references, their certifications, type of insurance, their method of removing mold, what type of warranty is offered and if they do a post clearance test once the mold has been removed. When you compare various companies asking the same questions it will help you compare and select the best contractor according to many different factors.

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