What do Fire and Smoke Restoration Services Provide?

There are hundreds of thousands home fires in the US each year which leave homes in various states of destruction. With the destruction caused, owners face the challenge of trying to salvage any property and items that have not been completely destroyed by fire which can still be used or stored for memories sake. Given that the average home owner lacks the requisite skills for fire damage restoration and repair, a lot of personal possessions are lost and thrown away. Worse still, the house can be sold off cheaply or have its structure compromised without the owner knowing.

Damage to personal property in the event of a fire is caused by the fire, smoke, and the water used to extinguish it. Fire damage restoration services provide a cost-saving way out of the situation enabling you to save much of the property damaged. A look at the typical services provided by these companies will help you understand the need for contacting them in case of a fire.

Smoke & Fire Damage Clean UpĀ  & Repair Process

1. Evaluation of Extent of Damage

This is the first action any reputable restoration company will take. It involves a visit to the site of fire damage to assess the damage done in terms of scale and the property affected. This helps the company to be able to formulate an action plan and to provide estimates of what can be salvaged.

2. Proofing and Boarding up Structure

A fire usually compromises the strength and stability of the key house structures. When they are further left exposed to weather elements, further damage can occur and the structures weaken further. The restoration services provide tarps and place them on damaged sections of the roof. Windows and walls which have been affected are boarded up as protection and to enhance the security of the building and the safety of those accessing it.

3. Drainage of Water and Drying the Location

The fire extinguishing actions usually leave everything soaked and a lot of water on the ground. This can be made worse by the weather elements. This is the first act of restoration after assessment. The act of drainage removes almost all the water on the surface. What is left is removed through specialized water damage removal equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers which also speed up the drying process.

4. Smoke and Soot Removal and Cleaning

The next step is the removal of smoke and soot spots on all surfaces of the house and items. This also calls for specialized equipment which ensure walls and ceilings are no longer tainted by the smoke and soot. All the items which have been identified as restorable are then cleaned by professional techniques which get them back to their condition before the fire. Even the smoke and the smell of burning is removed.

5. Restoration Process

After all the cleaning the restoration process can begin to get your home to the condition it looked like or better. The extent of repairs and new fittings depends on the extent of the damage. Fire damage restoration allows you to recover most of your items and strengthen the stability of your house in a cost effective manner.