Mold Removal Health Risks

Mold Removal Health RisksYou are dealing with two types of mold, Indoor mold and Outdoor mold. The removal of mold can be a straightforward or a tricky problem. Sometimes it can from in hidden areas, so you need proper testing and inspection of your home to make sure that it is a safe place for your family to live. Often; it is behind walls, under carpets or in other inaccessible areas, which makes the task of removing it that much more difficult. If you find there are dangerous types of mold, such as Stachybotrys, or black mold, then removing it is a job best left to professionals. Improper handling of black mold can cause the spores to become airborne, and possibly be breathed in by you or a member of your family.

When you can remove mold, you want to know about the mold and the necessary steps to handle it

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What is Mold?

  • Mold can present as black, gray or brown spots.
  • It is not ‘dirt’ and it is a tinny appearance. It is actually a living organism derived from mushrooms. You don’t just clean it, you kill it. Mold removal can be any ongoing job unless you remove the source and cause of it.
  • Mold can lead to destruction of dwellings and even cause problems for the health of people and pets in your home.


Steps Taken to Remove Mold

  1. If you want to determine if a dirty patch on a surface is mold or dirt, spray some water on it and rub. If the patch turns slimy, you most likely have a mold removal job on your hands.
  2. If you want to kill Mold, use white fermented vinegar, because Synthetic acetic acids simply don’t work.
  3. When you start to do the mold removal, always wear gloves to protect your hands, goggles to protect your eyes, and masks to protect yourself.
  4. Remove old wallpaper could uncover a mold problem that you didn’t know existed. Not only will it reveal it, but it will disperse mold spores into the air.

Mold removal should begin as soon as you notice the spores so that they don’t have a chance to weaken or rot the surface on which they are feeding. Exposure to fungi has been associated with asthma, hay fever and allergies. Spores can reach the respiratory tract and lungs, triggering allergic responses.

Mold growth left unchecked can lead to serious health consequences for you and your family. It is important to treat the problem of mold as a very serious one, and to take the right steps in eradicating it from your home. The implications for your health are too serious to ignore. If you suspect you may have a mold problem in your home, then get mold testing done and if needed, professional mold removal. The benefit to your health will be well worth it.